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Designed to impress the discerning, quality finishes are styled to reflect the thematic interplay of cool, modern tones with durability and practicality. Floor of lobby ground floor and lower ground floor are covered by imported crema valley marble and lobby ground floor atrium wall is covered by holly white onyx marble.

Construction at the upper façade levels is of natural anodized aluminum curtain wall clad in heat-reflective glass while a small water fountain gives freshness to the front entrance. The lobby is protected with high quality tinted glass.
Ground Floor

Available 201.24 sqm at North Side.
7th Floor
There is skylight area on this floor. Is is just like a small lounge where the tenants could just hangout and gather.
Drinking and snack vending machines are available for you.

Available 172.14 sqm at South Side.
Available 128,03 sqm at South Side.
Available 251,58 sqm at South Side.
Available 148,21 sqm at South Side.

8th - Top Floor
Available 224,18 sqm at South Side on 8th Floor.
Available 176,87 sqm at North Side on 9th Floor.
Available 164.45 sqm at South Side on 10th Floor.
Available 276.3 sqm at South Side on 10th Floor.
Available 232.54 sqm at South Side on Top Floor.
Available 420.49 sqm at South Side on Top Floor.
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Senin - Jumat / 08.30 - 17.30 (Kecuali Hari Libur)
Plaza Bank Index 6th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 57
Jakarta Pusat 10350 - Indonesia

Fax: 021-31936485
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